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Links for 2007-06-17

  • Google Jobs
    It is interesting that google has figured out how to leverage distributed teams to accomplish a goal. They have also figured out the importance of keeping talent as employees and have avoided outsourcing on many levels. What can corporate America learn from their hiring practices

  • I am a stalker
    Stalking can sometimes be a good thing. At least he didn't get it twisted like Kathy Sierra

  • EMCs vision of ECM 2.0
    I wonder why EMCs vision doesn't list creation/participation in industry standards bodies, encouraging interoperability with non-EMC products and incorporation of more enterprise security concerns

  • The Great Buy vs Build Debate
    Folks need to acknowledge that the quality of many products is incredibly poor and it may make more sense to build

  • User-Centric Interoperability Demonstration
    Check out this podcast featuring Mike Jones of Microsoft, Paul Trevithick of Higgins Project, Johannes Ernst of NetMesh and moderator Gerry Gebel from Burton Group

  • Identity Management SE Position Open
    Mark Dixon is advertising for a technical presales support position which I would avoid like the plaque. Us enterprise customers are tough in terms of our POC and only rarely will you get a hello world POC. I wonder why he didn't list other benefits of the position such as the ability to work from home when not on a client site, not just competetive pay but above competitive pay, six weeks vacation and lots of stock options.

  • Service-Oriented Standards
    Jeff Mackay comments on what standards folks should be paying attention to within corporate environments. I wonder if he has thoughts on what ECM standards are relevant?

  • Your Summer Reading List
    I was noodling putting together my own reading list but Robert McIlree did such a wonderful job that I had to link to it.

  • IBM SVP Steve Mills: Open Source is inevitable
    I find it curious why Microsoft takes most of the pressure for not being open yet Oracle and CA are the worst offenders. Could someone tell me why?

  • Book Review: Producing Open Source Software
    Many leads of open source projects should consider reading this book

  • Plone blows away commercial and open source competition
    I wonder if the folks over at Documentum, Stellent and Interwoven have seen this? I do find it curious that Alfresco finished last and can predict that John Newton isn't too happy

  • Fixed Price or Agile?
    Mark was quoted as saying: One main barrier to these approaches being adopted in the past was the engagement/contract models that our clients dictated. If the project needs a fixed cost, you usually need a fixed set of requirements which is interesting at some level but think he got it twisted. Clients have been indoctrinated into believing that outsourcing will good quality and now index their thinking against maturiy models. One of the side effects of outsourcing is that there are a lot of folks who will simply cut their margin so as to hit the clients fixed cost. Maybe Agilists could consider doing something similiar?

  • Don't Cargo Cult Extreme Programming
    Extreme Programming (XP) was developed to overcome the problem with cargo culting methodologies yet it’s now being cargo culted. Agilists need to figure out to keep their methodologies from being twisted by the best practices process weenies in corporate America and India

  • Good pdf on Enterprise Architect
    Premkumar Thangarajan comments on his professional goal of being an enterprise architect and makes some intriguing comments. I like the fact that he has already figured out that focus on Zachman framework is of questionable value. I am on the fence as to whether the CTO should be involved in the details of implementation and this is heavily dependent on his own ability to over-manage vs his ability to contribute deep technical knowledge. Anyway, I suspect that Premkumar has figured out it is aweful difficult to be a real enterprise architect sitting in Tamil Nadu.

  • How & Why the Us Government Practices Enterprise Architecture
    Robert McIlree nails it by explaining why Federal Government enterprise architecture will always be a big fat joke.

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