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Links for 2007-06-16

  • Indian companies do not find ideal outsourcing partner inside India
    Interesting insight from Gartner. I wonder if this says that Indian businessmen are smarter than Americans and know not to bother with so-called top talent that are really junior by any measurable standard? It would be amusing to learn that businesses in India are using agile approaches and eschew the heavyweight CMM processes us Americans consistently fall for

  • Building Documentum Talent
    It is interesting at some level to notice a shortage of talent in a particular skill but I have always been curious as to what others think top talent in the ECM world actually looks like. Right now it feels a lot like the NFL taking the best and the brightest from the local Pee-wee football team and expecting them to be successful

  • Change Agents of Enterprise Architecture
    I find it intriguing to read the perspectives on enterprise architecture within our federal government and wonder when they will start borrowing practices of large enterprises and move away from their savage pursuit of comprehensive documentation of nebulous value?

  • Showing up can be the hardest part
    Attending an architecture focused conference where very few if any of the speakers are actually practitioners is very difficult.

  • Oasis XACML Interoperability at Burton
    Anil Saldhana discusses whom he would like to meet at the Burton conference. I hope that he may advocate to other attendees that the need for XACML PEP is something that BPM, ECM, ESB, CRM and others could build into their applications

  • OpenID Credibility
    Mark Dixon talks about his recent visit to and how he was able to sign up as Harry Truman and that this is somehow flawed. I would say that I have been attempting to convince folks in this community that identity requires an attestation mechanism where others could vouch for you as a memento of you are who you say you are. Otherwise, OpenID will be used solely for consumerish web 2.0 stuff and not make it into the world of real electronic commerce.

  • Burton Briefing on User Centric Identity
    Johannes Ernst and Mike Jones talks about the importance of interoperability as part of a Burton Group briefing which I sadly missed. Following them was Hal Lockhart and Rich Levinson who discussed XACML. I wonder if Johannes was discussing the need for interoperability between OpenID and Cardspace or did he take it one step further by saying that OpenID and Cardspace need to incorporate XACML support. The later would be a huge win if he did. I wonder if Hal Lockhart has any influence over other parts of BEA in that they should seriously consider building in OpenID and Cardspace support as a new type of Identity Asserter

  • ECM Market Trends
    Whenever Gartner splits a market segment, it means that software vendors may have to pay additional monies to appear in multiple locations or be left behind. Whenever I attend conferences, it isn't too difficult to find a vendor that believes they have been inappropriately slotted

  • Green IT: Why it matters
    Information and communication technology accounts for 2 percent of global CO2 emissions, according to Gartner. That's the equivalent of the airline industry. Maybe folks at conferences will do their part by not passing out so much paper-oriented marketing material. Polo shirts are fine though as they will be reused multiple times :-)

  • BPM and ESB
    James Taylor of Fair Isaac comments on the notion of decision services that leverage business rules engines which I think is something that hasn't been well discussed by industry analysts nor at conferences. I hope he will expand on this topic in the near future

  • OpenID at Work
    I am a big fan of OpenID but I also would love to see Sun also become an identity provider for its employees and support Cardspace as well

  • GeoXACML
    The notion of access control for Geospatial data is intriguing on a variety of levels. It would be interesting to see Gerry Gebel of the Burton Group provide coverage on this topic and maybe even include in future interoperability event.

  • Whitepaper download policies
    Good to see that Jeff Bohren is keeping another vendor honest in terms of download of whitepapers but really should have taken it a bit further by encouraging all vendors in this space to eliminate the need for registration. Whenever I download a whitepaper and someone calls to follow up, I get really torqued and will think less positively of this vendor. Not a great way to make a first impression.

  • Test your web design in different browsers
    Browsershots makes screenshots of your web design in different browsers. When you submit your web address, a number of distributed computers will open your website in their browser. Then they will make screenshots and upload them to the central server where you can view the results

  • CMS Deployment Patterns
    I may have to eat previous words in that folks in the ECM domain aren't noodling pattern-orientation. I wonder if the folks in CMS land have patterns related to integrating with portals beyond simplistic deployment scenarios?

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