Sunday, June 10, 2007


Links for 2007-06-10

  • 5 Ingredients for the Application Development ROI Soup
    One must ask themselves whether they believe that ROI for application software is too soft? We know the way software vendors calculate ROI is fundamentally busted but what are some of the formulas one should use?

  • SOA Consortium Practitioner Panel
    Have you heard of Brenda Michelson? If not, get familar as she is one of the smartest industry analysts you will ever run across. If you read her blog you will notice something distinct from other analysts. First, you may notice that she never talks about products and instead focuses in on problem spaces that are applicable to modern enterprises. Second, she is active in terms of talking with end-users of SOA technology and doesn't spend her time milking software vendors. If you want credible advice on SOA, may I suggest you ignore the folks at large analyst firms and start directing your business in her direction. Vendors would be well served by leveraging her services as well.

  • IT Ecosystems
    As the folks over at noted industry analyst firm RedMonk states Technology is just another ecosystem. I like the quote that banging heads is rarely productive but sometime it is amusing.

  • Registry and Repository Access Control
    I remember a conversation about two years ago with Luc Clement of HP / Systinet regarding injecting XACML support into UDDI registries. This reminds me that I should be better in terms of followup. Anyway, it is good to see that folks over at IBM are showing leadership in this regard.

  • Free Courses from Microsoft
    Microsoft is offering free courses to help those learn BizTalk, Security and prepare for the MCDST certification. I wonder what it would take for Oracle and BEA to do something similar?

  • Label-aware Web Services
    Folks from Sun are talking how use of XACML can enable privacy which is of concern to most identity folks. Sadly, most of them haven't yet understood that privacy is not only an identity construct but also involves authorization.

  • Beauty of Standards
    It is good to see Anil Saldhana talk about how easy it is to support XACML using SAAJ.

  • Ridiculous Simplicity
    Paul Preiss, president of IASA was quoted as saying: Our responsibility is to build as little software as possible to add shareholder value. I wonder how venture capitalists feel about enterprise architects?

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