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Links for 2007-06-08

  • Are You an Enterprise Architect
    Good to see others acknowledging the trend of lowly developers calling themselves architects without having the necessary background. This phenomena is especially growing in India and their outsourcing firms in order to justify higher billing rates without cause for concern that this may jeopardize the long term relationship with their clients

  • Taking advantage of software vendors who blog
    Do folks in a large enterprise have power over software vendors in the blogosphere?

  • CIOs, how you they read analyst reports
    I suspect that most folks aren't aware that executives don't actually read the research and they simply shortcut to the graph that shows how folks are positioned.

  • Why doesn't everyone do open source
    I am of the belief that less software companies are doing open source than public opinion believes. For example, dual licensing is one form of pervasive lying told by industry analysts who don't have the courage to call it otherwise. By making something restricted, it is by its very definition not open.

  • Western Firms struggle to meet Arab demand for analysis
    I know that analysts will never ask BPM or ECM vendors whether they align with emerging trends in enterprise security but would it be possible for them to track which products support which languages? I suspect that folks in the Middle East would find it valuable if they knew that Liferay Enterprise Portal out of the box supports Arabic and Hebrew. I haven't checked to see if other products such as Alfreso, Intalio, ServiceMix or others do. Does anyone know the answer?

  • Should Enterprise Architects have a technical background
    So what is your background?

  • Sneak Peek: EA of Free Sun Connection Inventory
    This feels like a lightweight enterprise architecture tool similar to Troux, Agilense or even some of the stuff in the CMDB world. Good to see Sun showing some leadership in this space.

  • In Praise of Open Source Analysis
    The one aspect of analysis that will struggle to be open is embracing the notion of attribution. I suspect I would be able to contribute to an open source analysis report but would never receive equal billing and the best I could hope for is an acknowledgement?

  • India Startup moving to the US to save money
    I wonder if practitioners in the Smalltalk community would amplify this posting in their blog

  • Alfresco Liferay CMS and Portal Meetup
    If you reside on the left coast, you should consider attending even if you use other products

  • Analysts predict political pullout from virtual worlds
    I wonder if smaller analyst firms share the same perspective?

  • Gartner Security 3.0 theme falls flat
    I had planned on being a speaker at this event but had to back out due to conflicts of interest. I suspect that this person is disappointed in that he only received distilled information and didn't have much interaction with hands-on security professionals

  • On being busy and career management
    I am glad to hear that IBM is also embracing XACML. The whole identity focus is starting to run out of steam and no one has figured out how to make money off the user-centric stuff yet

  • Are your IT vehicles based on one chassis?I wonder if Natty would ask folks a more challenging question of: ggggbghhgggggggggggggggggggggb35Is your outsourcing strategy based on one vendorchassis?

  • The Schools haven an extra set of earsGood to see folks participating in our public school system

  • Aqui Me Quedo
    Celebrating my 1000th blog entry

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