Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Links for 2007-05-12

  • The Microsoft Federation Advantages
    CardSpace at this point in time provides a better value proposition than OpenID for large enterprises who want to provide SSO for their customers and partners. I wonder if folks have read the Comparison between OpenID and CardSpace

  • OpenID - next big thing with lots of problems

    OpenID suffers from a variety of problems not just limited to technical elements. Why arent folks complaining about the fact that they can't seem to close holes in the specification? OpenID has potential but they are way too focused on backward compatibility instead of doing the right thing going forward.

  • What's an architect?
    Ben Huff comments on the types of backgrounds an architect should have. I am firm in my belief that they should have a technical background. They should also understand change management, finance 101, possess strong presentation skills and demonstrate leadership characteristics.

  • Food for Thought
    Shekhar Jha is one of the smartest individuals on the topic of Authentication, Federation and Entitlements you will ever run across in the blogosphere. You should not just read but study his words

  • Agile Values
    Brian Marick has identified for things that the Agile Manifesto left out including the notion of having competent people. Way too many enterprises and outsourcing firms attempt to use process as a substitute for competence

  • Open Source Billing Software
    Practical applications that everyone can use within the open source community often don't get good analyst coverage. Hopefully, one of them will notice and provide thoughtful insight.

  • I Need Your Help
    Arnon Rotem-Gal-Oz is writing a book on SOA patterns and hasn't yet realized that his publisher Manning has gamed him. They tell every single author that writes for them that the first chapter isn't up to snuff as a tactic to make the manuscript even better. The funny thing I bet he hasn't yet asked himself is why hasn't Marjan Bace assigned a development/copy editor sufficient time to make the manuscript better.

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