Thursday, June 21, 2007


Links for 2007-04-21

  • The predicitions of blogging demise are a bit previous
    the folks over at Redmonk absolutely rock. If they aren't on your blogroll then you suck

  • Ranking Industry Analyst Bloggers
    Ian Skerrett gives proper respect to James Governor, Stephen O'Grady and Michael Cote who have done more for the blogosphere and technology at large than they are given credit for. I wish these guys wouldn't be so humble and let some ego peak out every once in awhile. While Doc Searls got me interested in blogging, I suspect that Redmonk is the force that keeps folks participating in an open conversation

  • Open Source Community - friend or Foe?
    Paul Walk discusses practices and strategies for development communities around open source projects which on the surface is easier than reality.The one thing I would love to have a dialog with him on is how to get folks from large enterprises whose primary business model isn't technology to participate. We all at some level acknowledge that business applications are boring and by contributing to open source the enterprise could not only save money but motivate its employees

  • WSO2 to participate in user-centric identity interoperability session
    For folks attending the Catalyst conference, may I suggest you stop by and check out these guys? Their Identity solution has a great value proposition especially for those who don't use MS technologies to develop web sites

  • Better Application Security through XACML
    Jim Reavis as a new blogger shares his thoughts on entitlements and why applications should support XACML. I would really love him to have a conversation with John Newton of Alfresco. If Alfresco in the ECM domain were the first to incorporate XACML before their closed source counterparts, it could be competitive advantage

  • The mechanics of enterprise architecture
    Good to see that folks realize that Zachman, TOGAF, etc are not about enterprise architecture but serve only to document enterprise architecture

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