Thursday, June 21, 2007


Interviewing Strategy for Outsourcing

The problem is you want to hire a developer from an Indian outsourcing firm and most of them are babes in the wood (aka freshers) or bullshit artists. What should you ask in an interview?

I highly recommend asking the following questions:

  • Which do you prefer: manifest or latent types? Why?

  • What commenting style do you think is appropriate? Why?

  • What sort of documentation artifacts do you like to produce? Why?

  • Do you think exceptions are good, or bad? Why?

  • These questions will tell you a lot. A fresher won't understand many of the questions. A bullshit artist will answer "It depends," and grin "knowingly". Another kind of bad prospect will be opinionated but can't defend their arguments cogently. A good prospect might say, "It depends," and then set up contrasting scenarios.

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