Thursday, May 24, 2007


Writing my Memoirs

Several folks have been gassing my head up by telling me that my life would make a phenomenal story. Being a published author tells me that describing one's own life is in many ways more difficult than any problem related to enterprise architecture. Besides, I have figured out that writing about myself would take away time from family, charity and me finishing my final book: Agile Enterprise Architecture.

So, I guess there is only one option and that is to hire a ghostwriter. As I understand, it is possible to hire a writer from countries such as India for only $3 an hour. I suspect I could get this written for a budget of $2K or so. Getting this book published will be a cakewalk whereas the most difficult part would be to not only find a competent writer but one that is familiar with US English along with slang terminology which I have yet to run across in my travels.

Part of being successful in this undertaking is that the ghostwriter will need to assist in creating the book proposal used to pitch to an agent or publishing house. Ideally, the first interaction would be for prospects to send a table of contents and a few pages of text so that I can be sure that they have a good grasp of the project.

This reminds me that I will probably have to create some form of contract. I guess I have to learn about international laws in terms of writing. I wonder if anyone else in the blogosphere has travelled this path?

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