Thursday, May 10, 2007


This months thought for ECM Vendors

I was at home doing research for my significant other when I ran across an interesting link on the EMC site which talks about the integration between ECM and BPM. I am curious to learn if other ECM vendors are behind the curve in terms of building in out of the box integration with:
  • BEA Aqualogic BPM

  • Lombardi Software

  • Pega Rules Commander

  • Microsoft BizTalk

  • Likewise, they also mention integration with iLog JRules product. I wonder if this is an opportunity for Alfresco to partner with James Taylor over at Fair Isaac to integrate with their Blaze product suite? Of equal interest was the notion that retention services should also be built into ECM products which doesn't seem to be on the radar of any open source ECM vendors...

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