Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Things you can't say in an enterprise...

There are certain words one cannot say in a politically correct enterprise. If you are familiar with Richard Pryor, he pushed the boundaries of our vocabulary by mentioning words on TV using off-color humor. If one were to equate off-color humor with outsourcing, the similarities start to appear.

Anyway, Richard Pryor believed that words are ideas and some people are afraid of ideas which reminds me of folks who are afraid to distiguish between management and leadership and simply prefer to continue using them interchangably. There is one architect that comes to mind that I interact with on a periodic basis who isn't afraid to push words and new ideas and like myself frequently talks about the need for strong technical leadership at the IT executive level.

I wonder if I were to ask my industry peers, when someone tells you "Go to Hell", which half of the sentence offends them the most?

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