Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Terrorism and Fort Dix

You got be a flaming idiot to even noodle attacking a military base. The terrorists must have gotten it twisted and thought the bases were filled with non-technical process weenie CIOs and their Indian outsourcing friends who follow rigorous but otherwise ineffective ceremonies that make folks feel good but in all reality are worthless.

Maybe these guys didn't do their homework and understand that every sentry in the United States military adheres to what are known as General Orders. The last is the best:

Understand for those with simple mindsets that this doesn't mean that the sentry is a low-level IT person but rather understand its power. If I were on duty, it does require of me to give you a warning. If you continue to act up and charge aggressively, it also empowers me to put a full metal jacket between your brain. No waiting for confirmation of requirements, checking with other IT executives or any of the other mindless stuff we do in enterprises.

I have been known to say that Government enterprise architecture is a big fat joke but instead of focusing on the negative, I believe that every enterprise could learn from the military and teach their folks a sense of honor, duty and country unless this too has been outsourced...

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