Sunday, May 20, 2007


Moral obligations of Enterprise Architects

Usually the focus on ethics is the relationship between an external party while the notion of morality usually focuses on relationships within a group. So, what are the obligations Enterprise Architects have towards each other?

First and foremost, enterprise architects should know, understand and appreciate the consequences of their actions. Too many times, enterprise architects do what is popular or are way too consumed by managing perception while not paying attention to other aspects.

In my humble opinion, the second obligation that all enterprise architects have is in not only knowing but using state of the art. Many of us stick with whatever happens to be familiar without ever considering the benefits of newer approaches. Of course, there are times when state of the art could be inferior in our opinion, but at least this decision should be made based on educated facts not level of comfort.

I have been told that ethics is the policy structure for your choices, your rules, and moral is the implementation, how you actually behave. I wonder how most would classify their own behavior model?

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