Thursday, May 31, 2007


Links for 2007-05-31

  • How Microsoft, People Like Chris Hoff and Security Architects Will Save The Future
    It is refreshing to hear that others acknowledge that security done correctly utterly destroys the premises of most checklists. I wonder if Alex Hutton has acknowledged that this will drive most process weenies crazy?

  • Are you in it for the business or for the technology
    Tood Biske is one of the most thoughtful person on SOA and Enterprise Architecture that any enterprise would be blessed to hire. Perspectives of software developers (a dying commodity) and his analysis of their not getting with the program is spot on. I wonder if his wisdom also applies to folks in quality assurance and business analyst communities?

  • MindManager 7 Now Out
    Michael Cote of Redmonk discovers MindManager which allows one to develop Mindmaps. I have had a license for several years now and love this product. While it is pricey, many of my peers have bought copies on their own nickel, something you won't see with too many other products.

  • The New Identity Marketing Working Group
    Identity is the next killer application yet it hasn't been appropriately marketed. The funny thing is that most software vendors understand the value proposition it can offer to large enterprises but haven't yet figured out how to make money off it.

  • On being busy and career advancement
    Interesting to see that IBM is also embracing XACML. I suspect that if their competitors were to talk to enterprise customers they might just learn that authorization is a bigger problem than authentication. After all, how long has single signon technology been available? Now ask yourself why aren't folks pervasively deploying it...

  • Being understood versus understanding
    Ford employees are better at rationalizing mistakes than fixing them. Sadly, this is pervasive in most scenarios where engineers have to interact with process weenies

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