Thursday, May 24, 2007


Links for 2007-05-24

  • Backsourcing Best Practices
    A practice that all enterprise architects should be familiar with...

  • CardSpace
    Jeff Bohren from BMC is having a conversation that makes sense and understands how enterprises will use user-centric technologies. His statement is spot on: For enterprises there is an important potential value for InfoCards, and it has nothing to do with internal authentication. The value is by using InfoCards, an employee of a company can easily choose different identities depending on whether he is representing the company in a specific transaction or not. It has to do with separating personal from professional personas.

  • Job Position: Application Developer
    It is rare to see software development positions where you can work from home. It is funny that large enterprises can move jobs thousands of miles away though. Of course this company is on the left coast as folks in the Northeast are too braindead to incorporate working from home into their thought process.

  • Is IBM going the way of Sun and Citrix?
    It seems as if this blogger doesn't have faith in IBM and their ability to not tightly integrate with their own products at the expense of open standards. If there was a single company I believe would stay honest, it would be IBM

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