Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Links for 2007-05-23

  • Speaking the language of the business with SOA
    I have always wondered why folks confuse SOA with business architecture?

  • Refactoring the Agile Manifesto
    I wonder if all the original signatories who are consultants may appreciate the fact that customer could mean their clients should also participate in refactoring?

  • Why Agile Software Development isn't more Prevalent
    Larry Reid should ask himself whether he believes that enterprises nowadays prefer to buy software rather than build it and therefore agility is less relevant.

  • Ping Identity Announces Federation Endpoint Initiative
    Hear is a company that indicates on its website that it provides open source yet no one can seem to find the source code

  • Single Signon in SOA
    I think this author is onto something with JBoss where they suggest creating a custom JAAS login module for web services. I am curious why this can't be built into the SOAP stack itself?

  • New Gartner Report on Semantic Technologies
    Anyone care to guess at how many non-commercial open source implementations are mentioned in this report?

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