Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Links for 2007-05-22

  • Authorization is the next battleground
    Jackson Shaw says enough already with authentication and that we should move to the harder stuff. I suspect that he hasn't ran across Anthony Nadalin, Archie Reed, Chris Ceppi, Dick Hardt, Paul Madsen, Pat Patterson or Andre Durand whom have done a great job of exercising their right to remain silent on issues such as authorization while focusing on consumerish use-cases related to identity. Anyway, he is located directly across the street from Microsoft in Redmond but I challenge him to find a single MS employee willing to discuss the merits of incorporating XACML into their products.

  • Enterprise Sign On Engine
    The Enterprise Sign On Engine (ESOE) is an advanced system which allows an enterprise to meet it's individual goals for integrated identity management, single sign on, authorization, federation and accountability for resource access in a very extensible manner. This has a better underlying architecture than Sun and their OpenSSO project. Stay tuned.

  • Similarities and Differences in the Database and Content Market
    Thoughtful posting by Anant Jhingran on the importance of SQL within the marketplace

  • Call for Papers: Digital Identity Management
    Good to see that the ACM is taking on the problem space of usability for identity management. Reconciling usability, privacy and security is harder than it appears. Most identity management vendors talk about provisioning and may touch on authentication but never talk about provisioning and its relationship to authorization.

  • Liberty Alliance and Concordia Program
    Good to see the folks at Liberty are paying attention to things like Cardspace which I predict will be big in the next several years. I would love for these folks to noodle the scenarios listed here...

  • Police plan to cut bureaucracy creates red tape
    I wonder if someone made one area of activity simpler at the cost of the inherent complexity popping up unexpectedly elsewhere. They probably hired a former Smalltalk developer to run the program.

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