Sunday, May 20, 2007


Links for 2007-05-20

  • The Tradegy of the Lack of Commons
    Why is the software industry nearly incapable of producing virtually anything that even resembles excellence? I mean, there are a handful of exceptions, but I think they really just prove the rule. Is it human nature, systemic problems with business or are we collectively just too stupid or uncaring to produce first-rate software?

  • Open Source and SOA
    In order to develop an understanding of where and how open source software fits into the picture, it's important to grasp the opportunities for disruption technologies within the context of SOA. Alex Fletcher provides commentary on how we should frame this problem space.

  • Why you need an Enterprise SOA Planning Governance Framework
    One of the problems faced by IT groups is that their job function is basically to write code. This is a problem because sometimes, you shouldn't write code. Sometimes, the problem is best solved by NOT writing code.

  • ROI from Enterprise Architecture
    Another blogger gets it twisted in terms of measuring EA. There is no ROI in governance, defining roadmaps, setting standards, etc. There is an ROI in terms of innovation and enabling revenue growth by focusing on the strategic intent of the business. Cost cutting should always be a secondary focus of EA.

  • SOA, Composibility and Business Architecture
    Good to see Brenda Michelson keeping others honest especially those folks at MIT.

  • Discovering Identity Services
    Both Mark Wahl and Charlton Barreto need to consider that identity alone is sometimes insufficient in terms of establishing a federation. Sometimes including authorization/entitlement information in the message exchange is required. One way to do this is via XACML which WS-Federation doesn't seem to address as well as SAML.

  • Income Inequality in America
    Tyler Cowen, a writer for The New York Post, inspires an alternative vision as to why income inequality is so pronounced in America. I believe it goes well beyond education where we need to focus on holding all parties especially outsourcing firms to EEOC standards.

  • IBM developing video games on mainframes
    I wonder what my boss would think if I wanted to be a beta tester? Anyway, the mainframe is not a second-class citizen (COBOL on the mainframe is) and should receive better industry analyst coverage.

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