Thursday, May 17, 2007


Links for 2007-05-17

  • Security Forum: Emerging Trends in Enterprise Security
    A free event in New York City for employees of Fortune enterprises to be held on Thursday, May 17th. I will be in attendance and hope to meet fellow bloggers.

  • Be Aware of the Article Production Hype
    I wonder if there are any Gartner analysts that have the courage to respond?

  • That is so like him
    A discussion on identity and reputation by Paul Madsen. Others should chime in on Phil Windley's paper...

  • Software aims to keep databases under control
    I wonder if Gerry Gebel and Bob Blakely will research deeper into the notion of using XACML to protect relational databases. I believe this announcement from Securent is huge. If you haven't figured it out by now, the identity crowd is hyping a problem that many enterprises don't care about. One needs to ask themselves if single signon technology has been around for so long with enterprises, yet hasn't been pervasively deployed then something is wrong. I suspect you would never hear Pat Patterson talk deeply about the need for entitlements management in his blog.

  • Metrics from the Internet Identity Workshop
    I wonder how many folks were from Fortune 200 enterprises whose primary business model isn't technology and whether Andrew Jaquith could provide this metric?

  • Why Metrics will Fail
    My perspective on this topic says that metrics are typically used to allow folks to participate in domains in which they don't really understand. IT dashboards allow financial types to make decisions on things like how software is written, hiring practices and other things they really shouldn't participate in.

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