Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Links for 2007-05-15

  • Securent Entitlement Management Solution Released
    Gus Tepper of The First American Corporation states: ur compliance and information security efforts demand that we manage user entitlements and identity access across our entire enterprise and not just within individual applications. We selected Securent EMS because of its compliance with the XACML standard and its ability to provide us with policy-driven access controls that have the granularity, consistency, scalability and flexibility we need across our global enterprise which states that traditional identity management approaches fall short in many regards. Other than Lori Rowland of the Burton Group, I haven't heard many others talk about the limitations of current identity management products in the marketplace. I wonder if Pat Patterson and Don Bowen would be willing to blog about where identity management products fall short and when an enterprise should consider entitlements management?

  • Dulha Mil Gaya
    Shahrukh Khan, one of my favorite Indian actors is shooting a movie in Trinidad. Hopefully, he will consider recruiting some family members. Maybe I can even make a guest appearance dancing with Juhi Chawla

  • Real-world enterprise architecture: journey vs. destination
    Good to see others recognizing that EA isn't just about which portions of Zachman one should complete. Neil Ward-Dutton is spot on and I look forward to others such as Robert McIlree providing amplification of his thoughts

  • What is an enterprise architect
    Good to see that Daniel Budiyanto of Indonesia is also studying enterprise architecture and that it isn't just something practiced by those in the Americas and Europe.

  • Crash Dummies Wanted
    I wonder if Trinidadian's do really drive as bad as folks from India? I do know folks from Biche are horrific but would love the thoughts of others.

  • Can Politician live on $3 a day?
    I am of the belief that Congressman James McGovern will be successful in his undertaking. Although he is blessed to have the same name as mines and is constantly reading my blog, I otherwise don't support his political thinking.

  • Infoma buys Datamonitor
    This feels like a threat to Gartner and Forrester. I am curious when they will purchase The 451 Group, ZapThink, Entiva, Nemertes, Redmonk and Elemental Links

  • Enterprise is not a four letter word
    I bet no more than 1% of attendees to this conference will actually be from a large enterprise

  • SOA Governance: Is There Such a Thing as ‘Too Much’?I would ask that Agile Elephant ask this question of Gartner. I know that they can tell you about all the wonderful products that can automate governance but defy any analyst firm to define a litmus test that enterprises can use to tell when their processes are too heavy irrespective of whether they still add value.

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