Sunday, May 13, 2007


Links for 2007-05-13

  • Grid Compliant Open Source Portals
    A thoughtful analysis of portals a lot deeper than traditionally found by those in love with large analyst firms, it include not only basic portal functionality but also grid functionality as well.

  • OPSEC, Marines Style
    Check out this PPT presentation on peacekeeping in Korea. Much of the presentation is sterile but the last slide is funny. Glad to see the military still has a sense of humor.

  • New Directions in JBoss Security
    If you haven't been paying attention, JBoss recently incorporated XACML support into JBoss 5.x with support for WS-Federation coming shortly. This will put their application server years ahead of BEA Weblogic, IBM Websphere and Oracle. This reminds me that I have been too nice to my friends over at Burton Group. Gerry Gebel, Dan Blum and Bob Blakely do a wonderful job in the security space yet they haven't gotten Anne Thomas Manes and her team to talk about security as it is built into products. I hope they can close this deficiency and maybe even address it at Catalyst.

  • Women in Open Source or Shortage Thereof
    How come no one cares that there are less women in IT nowadays? Diversity has been turned into a meaningless word. Our friends in India are abysmal in terms of gender diversity and while doing a great job of rationalizing why the problem exist haven't taken any deliberate actions to fix it. Google's Summer of Code only has four percent that are women. I wonder why industry analysts aren't even talking about this problem amongst their own ranks? If you have ever talked with Anne Thomas Manes or Lori Rowland of the Burton Group or Brenda Michelson of Elemental Links you would understand that they are at the top of their game and that we need hundreds more like them. I wish more folks would talk about diversity or lack of within their blogs. I know that Tim O'Reilly won't as he is too busy exercising his right to remain silent on important issues.

  • Everyone needs to shut the fuck up and use Linux
    I don't think I could have said this any better myself...

  • A brief look into EA and Zachman Framework
    How come folks don't understand that EA is to help enterprises enable the strategic intent of their business and isn't about taxonomies, classification schemes, etc. Do you think documenting in a pretty grid will really help you achieve better IT/Business alignment or should you stop documenting and start focusing on people? People, then process, then tools -- in that order.

  • If Redmonk was Gartner Group
    This blog entry by James Governor was intriguing at a variety of levels. My first thought was that maybe the perception of end customers such as myself is slightly twisted in that I never have any sense as to whether analysts are bumbling idiots or are simplying protecting IP which really isn't IP. I wonder what could be done to help out analyst firms who want to help us end customers make better decisions? Should enterprise architects start telling software vendors they meet in their travels which analyst firms they prefer to work with? Will this over time help untwist the perspectives held by those who don't appreciate openness and transparency?

  • CIOs Need Mix of Male and Female Staffers for New Business Environment, Says Gartner
    I wonder if Kathy Harris and Mark Raskino of Gartner would divulge their mix? Would they have the courage to talk about how outsourcing may be detrimental to their recommendation?

  • A cynic rips open source
    Does allegiance to open source depend on who you are? At some level this perspective is true as the Microsoft's, Oracle's and Cisco's are fearful of open source while the Sun's and IBMs of the world take a different tact. More analysis is needed on this perspective.

  • Enterprise Architecture Comparison
    A comparison of frameworks without mention of whether an industry framework is needed vs creating your own that is lighter weight.

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