Saturday, May 12, 2007


links for 2007-05-12

  • An alternative strategy for outsourcing
    A must read blog that every blogger should not only amplify but personally add in their own thoughts

  • Treasury Enterprise Architecture Framework
    The Federal Government is a lost cause when it comes to enterprise architecture which seems to substitute lots of processes for competencies and prefers comprehensive documentation without any measure of financial considerations. It seems to be evangelized and taught by folks with lots of credentials but otherwise very little experience. I would never admit publicly to mastering such a framework.

  • How to get the business to sell SOA for you
    Sadly, I hate when other enterprise architects give out bad advice such as selling SOA to the CEO by tying it to cost/benefit when in all reality, a good enterprise architect would know that the CEO should stay focused on business strategy while his/her deputies should stay focused on business architecture. At no time should SOA be sold outside of IT. If anyone tells you otherwise, run in the opposite direction.

  • Striking out on my own
    Good to see that folks who grow tired of enterprises and their monotone your call is important to us babble have decided to become enterpreneural. The funny thing is in many ways, small guys have to become more tolerant of the barf spewed by process weenies on one level but at least get to reduce the frequency in which they have to listen.

  • Wall separating Israelis, Palestinians illegal
    I wonder why more American's don't have the courage to speak out about the state of Israel being law abiding?

  • Open Source Business Intelligence
    I wonder what analysts at Forrester think about Pentaho

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