Thursday, May 10, 2007


Links for 2007-05-10

  • Unconferences and the dynamics of participation
    Unconferences bring the notion of the participation age to large enterprises who still remain with their stodgy process-centric insular mindsets

  • SOA Executive Forum
    The value in attending this event won't be in listening to all of the vendors who paid for speaking slots so that they can present their thinly veiled sales presentations chock-a-block with eye candy but lacking substance, but rather the opportunity for those in Fortune enterprises to network with each other. While I won't be in attendance as I already have plans to be in NYC for another event, many of my peers will be. Please make the effort to track them down and while you are at it, encourage them to blog

  • Everything is Miscellaneous
    If you haven't been reading JP Rangaswami you should be. He did a great job of reviewing David Weinberger's new book entitled: Everything is Miscellaneous. You should purchase a copy for your boss

  • Uncle Scam Gives Lessons in Enterprise Architecture & Project Management
    Robert McIlree gives credit to the Federal Government for their savage publication of comprehensive documentation and encourages folks to consume it since it is freely available. There are lots of things that I can get for free such as the privelege of having lots of vendor sales folks provide thinly veiled eye-candy presentations with zero substance yet I somehow manage to instead focus on value vs price. I guess in some courts, value isn't really something many enterprise architecture organizations noodle especially in the federal government.

  • Call for Sessions: Portland Code Camp 3.0
    This event rocks and at some level I am jealous that the folks on the left coast have their act together in terms of user organized learning over us folks in the Northeast.

  • Is the CMS Market slowing down?
    Maybe R. Stacy Cook could comment on what exactly slowing down means? The included Forrester diagram speaks to revenue which isn't a measure of market velocity anymore. The funny thing about CMS is that it is so damn easy to write your own that buying a product is almost silly. Consider the fact that there are more open source CMS products than their are J2EE application servers, MVC frameworks and BPM engines combined that the value provided by existing offerings really isn't growing as fast as it should be

  • Congressman to live on $3 a day food stamp budget
    This effort is led by none other than US Rep James McGovern of Mass where he is cutting his food budget for a week to $3 a day to raise awareness about hunger and the problems of feeding a family on a food stamp budget. I wonder if I decide to do the same thing would folks in the blogosphere care?

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