Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Links for 2007-05-08

  • Keeping track of authorization management
    I wonder what it would take for members of AIIM to read Gerry Gebel blog?

  • Beyond Kathy Sierra
    I wonder if Tim O'Reilly agrees or will he still exercise his right to remain silent?

  • Business Process Management Suite (BPMS)
    Gartner states that BPM should integrate with ESB's, Document/Content Repositories, Process Analysis Tools and Orchestration Engines but conveniently doesn't mention enterprise security products. I wonder what it would take for Joanne Galimi, Jim Sinur and Michele Cantara to correct their own perspectives?

  • Sun's OpenID program
    Industry analysts Macehiter Ward-Dutton shares their thinking on Sun and OpenID. The one question that I would love to gain better understanding on in terms of Sun's strategy is that Sun builds support for specifications such as SAML, OpenID, WS-Federation, etc as separate products while the likes of Microsoft and BEA are building it into their products. For example, Microsoft built in support directly into Active Directory while BEA is building in support into its Weblogic J2EE Server. Other than potential revenue opportunities for Sun building it as a distinct product, what do customers gain and more importantly what do customers lose?

  • Sun Says, Compensate OSS Developers
    I have a problem with this statement as it assumes that all folks who contribute are in it for the money. There are a variety of reasons why folks contribute. Have you ever asked yourself why an Enterprise Architect from a Fortune Enterprise contributes? He already gets a sizable paycheck so money isn't the issue...

  • OSHCA 2007 Conference
    The Open Source Health Care Alliance is formed to discuss open source software and approaches in health and health informatics. As open source grows in importance, it is vital that industry analysts start covering industry vertical specific offerings.

  • OpenID at Work
    Tim Bray shares how Sun will use OpenID. Most enterprises have similar usage scenarios. I wonder if Sun could start becoming more public in its evangelization of OpenID and personally visit all their enterprise customers with this story?

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