Saturday, May 05, 2007


Links for 2007-05-05

  • WS-Context approved as OASIS Standard
    Eric Newcomer of Iona discusses another web services specification and the praise received from Nick Gall. Personally, I am not feeling this specification at the moment and would rather see OASIS mature existing specifications such as SAML, XACML and others.

  • How many hammer strokes does it take to shape a rock?
    Enterprise architects in a company find it difficult to get the IT community rallied around SOA Strategy and Adoption programs. The problem lies not quite with people resisting change, but more with people’s understanding of SOA. It seems as if developers are no longer purchasing Books on SOA especially if they reside in countries such as India. Maybe enterprise architects need to increase the book budget?

  • DISA Conference Notes
    Here is one blogger who was happy to attend the DISA conference. My perspective is that the government could learn a whole lot from the private sector and should noodle inviting prominent folks from Fortune enterprises to provide enlightment. Ever heard of a successful large SOA implementation in the Federal Government? Of course you can twist the word success but I think you get my point

  • Information Card Support Competition
    It is good to see Kim Cameron and friends step up the adoption of Cardspace by announcing a contest. The problem I see is that I unfortunately have to now slowdown any plans as I cannot accept prizes from vendors. Most enterprises have similar rules so therefore the winner will be some consumerish unimportant but possibly well-branded Internet site

  • IT vs The Business - The final countdown
    Some interesting perspectives in which I hope to expand upon in a detailed posting over the weekend

  • Barriers to SOA Adoption
    I am usually in agreement with Todd Biske and the folks over at Zapthink but I do believe that the business really doesn't nor should care about SOA. They should care about business architecture which SOA should align to

  • Will the Real Enterprise Architect Please Stand Up
    I suspect that if you ask ten people what enterprise architecture is, you will get fifteen definitions. We can all read the fine definitions that are circulating in the blogosphere but the problem is that definition is in no way similar to what we do in a daily basis. I do know that real architects aren't wasting time with Zachman or any of that stuff taught at Carnegie Mellon

  • AIIM Higher Guys
    Another brilliant posting by John Newton of Alfreso. The difficult part of this post is that I honestly can't tell what ECM vendors are aiming at all so asking them to AIIM higher is intriguing...

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