Thursday, May 03, 2007


Links for 2007-05-03

  • 17th Annual Jolt Award Winners
    Good to see Liferay Enterprise Portal which is 100% open source win in their category. Now, if I could only get folks from Gartner to initiate deeper coverage where they put open source portals in the same quadrant and the commercial closed source offerings

  • Laws of Identity, Revised
    Folks who follow Cardspace and OpenID should amplify and comment as appropriate

  • Seven Reasons Microsoft Loves Open Source
    Good perspective but I believe that the eigth reason is that their highest paying customers are telling to love it

  • Job Opening: Federal Government
    With such low pay, it is now clear why the Federal Government and their Enterprise Architecture activities are a big fat joke

  • Liberty Alliance, cheaper, More Open
    Pat Patterson explains a model where Project Liberty now has individual memberships which at some level I believe hides a larger issue. I have stated in previous blogs that I was of the belief that the masses of large enterprises whose primary business model isn't technology haven't joined Liberty because the fees are too high and couldn't make the case for doing so. Now that they have changed the fee structure I still think that it will only stimulate a handful of new participants while the masses will still not join as in all reality folks need to couple spend with measurable influence which is somewhat non-existent

  • Soft Skills: Providing Effective Feedback
    This author acknowledges that many folks in IT aren't so great at social prowess. I wonder if I fit into this category?

  • What's Da Veather in Vendorland?
    Brilliant Industry Analyst Alan Pelz-Sharpe states something that enterprise architects need to pay attention to: Major ECM vendors will gladly dazzle, and wine and dine your team, but though they may appear to be a safe and conservative choice, in fact today many are ironically higher-risk partners.

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