Sunday, May 27, 2007


Enterprise Architects who underachieve...

A fundamental problem faced by overachievers is that they expect their successes to continue at the pace to which they've grown accustomed. The law of diminishing returns assures that they won't. As they move up the ladder, they will be surrounded by more successful people, it will become harder for them to stand out, and they will have to redouble their efforts.

At that point, they can keep on pushing at the expense of their health and relationships or they can dedicate themselves to becoming underachievers. Have you ever heard the phrase, slow and steady wins the race? Now consider the lifespan of a rabbit is maybe three years while tortoises live to over a hundred.

Have you ever noticed how industry analysts aren't stepping up in terms of depth of research? Maybe it is because they have figured out that underachievement is the key to success. How come BPM and ECM vendors aren't incorporating enterprise security features into their products? Is it because they aren't aware of this need? Is it because they aren't capable of coming up with thoughtful architectures for their products or is it because they see it through the lens of diminishing returns?

Why do folks continue to outsource work to countries such as India when they have observed others within their industry bringing work back in-house. Maybe outsourcing is the manifestation of underachievement?

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