Friday, May 04, 2007


Enhancements to Microsoft Exchange and Zimbra

For laptop users, these products could use some enhancements...

If you are a laptop user and frequently work offline, you may have ran into several of the scenarios that I described. On Friday, I attempt to clean up my inbox before departing for the weekend. At home, I may compose several messages offline and attempt to sync on Monday with limited success. Usually the first problem that I encounter is that some sales person attempting to demonstrate their so-called value proposition has managed to send me several large PDF files as attachments and have used up my quota. When my mail client attempts to sync, all the messages end up bouncing.

I would to see this problem solved in three distinct ways. First, if I flag all of my messages in my outbox as to not save in sent item folders, then the server should be smart enough to allow me to send these messages as I am only using the space in a transient way which shouldn't count against quota. The second thing that I see that could happen is that from a sync perspective, how about taking care of sync with deleted items first as I may have deleted stuff there and could have further reduced the quota.

My third suggestion would be a feature that would allow me to define a rule where I could say that if you are not in any of my address books and that the mailbox itself is within X percentage of reaching its quota then I could automatically bounce all email messages over a certain size.

Another problem with laptop usage is there are times where I would love to establish a meeting with my peers yet can't because there is no way for me to syncronize with their calendar unless I am online. It would be wonderful if one could sync with the free/busy of others.

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