Saturday, May 19, 2007


The Education System and Charitable Giving...

My son who is currently in Kindergarten came home yesterday asking me to purchase a gift for his teacher Ms Balcanoff. I honestly don't remember my own Kindergarten teacher but started to think that teachers in our school systems are heavily underappreciated by us parents and that if we were to simply show a little bit of gratitude, it could go a long, long way in terms of making our educational system better.

In the past, I have contributed money to support activities in our school system knowing that some kids are underpriveleged and cannot afford certain things but never really thought about the charitable aspects of the teachers themselves who spend much of their own money to make things happen.

I have been asking myself, that if I went to the blogosphere and asked for other corporations to contribute to a very simple experiment I wanted to conduct, would they participate? My idea is simple. I want to hold a simple raffle at the next school outing whereby the teachers could randomly win prizes, with zero strings attached.

I was thinking about pinging Steve Jobs of Apple to see if he wanted to contribute an iPod, Mark Hurd of HP to see if he would contribute a laptop, Michael Dell to see if he would contribute a 23" LCD TV, Jim Donald, CEO of Starbucks to see if he wanted to contribute a dozen $50 gift cards, Nick Grayston, CEO of Footlocker to contribute a $100 gift certificate, Joseph Draps of Godiva to contribute lots of chocolate and Howard Lester of Williams Sonoma various cooking supplies.

I wonder if I would be successful or is this futile?

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