Monday, May 21, 2007


Are Enterprise Architects Chickens or Pigs?

The best way to answer the question of whether an enterprise architect is a Chicken or Pig is by observing the meeting culture...

If you look into the modern enterprise, you will see lots of inefficiencies with the vast majority of it occuring during meetings. Lots of enterprisey folks talk about agility yet haven't acknowledged that most meetings have at least 50 to 80% overhead.

Most of excess overhead will claim they need to know what is going on because it impacts their work in some way. They don't need to know what is going on. What if enterprise architects stopped others from going to any excess overhead corporate meetings because they were one of the biggest suckers of productivity for the enterprise. People that like to go to these meetings are often seen in other meetings whining about not completing their deliverables because they were at such meetings.

Folks who like to attend meetings should be referred to as barnacles, because like barnacles on a ship, they will sink the ship if they accumulate. It is good to have some negative connotation in the terminology, no matter what we call it. People will not change their behavior if they do not feel an emotional impact.

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