Friday, April 27, 2007


Yet another outsourcing failure...

Infosys has a blogging site where only carefully picked employees can provide commentary to the outside world. I wonder what it would take for outsourcing firms to create a platform similar to Sun?

Vinne Michandani appropriately commented on TCS, the largest Indian vendor who plans on hiring 30,000 associates a year and refers to this as the Day Care Model that everyone should consider.

Likewise, many India based bloggers have been notoriously silent on the notion of backsourcing which is when IT functions are brought back in-house after they have been outsourced. Many folks should consider the fact that the best time to backsource an IT function is before you outsource it. Are there any folks in India that would be willing to blog their thoughts on best practices or will they simply resort to keeping their head in the sand and not acknowledge any form of failure rate?

I know they will attack my thought process without actually answering the question. I am willing to contribute $500 to a mutually agreeable charity if any Infosys blogger posts metrics on as to how they practice diversity using EEOC definitions...

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