Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Voluntary Human Extinction Movement

Have you heard of the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement? They are seeking volunteers from the following demographics:
  • Enterprise Architects who are afraid to champion open source

  • Those who program in Smalltalk and other second-class languages

  • CTO's of BPM, ECM, ERP, CRM and ESB vendors who haven't yet stepped up to incorporating SAML and XACML support in their product

  • Six Sigma folks who believe that process is a substitute for competence

  • Enterprises who allow non-technical IT folks to become CIOs

  • Those who practice management by magazine but are afraid to admit it

  • Those who supported Kathy Sierra but didn't call her out on the fact that convicting folks in the court of public opinion is wrong

  • Those who can't understand the difference between management and leadership

  • Folks who think agile is a word they should use to describe their otherwise monolithic architectures

  • Industry analysts who won't put open source projects in the same research reports as commercial closed source offerings

  • Those who think that innovation is happening within their shop when status quo is pervasive

  • Folks who voted for George Bush

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