Sunday, April 08, 2007


Outsourcing my Blog to India

I am still planning on retiring from the blogosphere once I reach my 1000th blog post. Instead of shutting it down, I have been noodling the value of outsourcing it to India. In the morning, I will ask multiple India based outsourcing firms to send me resumes of their bloggers and their blogging experience. This gives me an opportunity to at least be amused by how many will actually respond with doctored up biographies of all of the folks who have touched a blog in one way or another.

I will then be forced to ask myself whether someone can be considered a qualified blogger if they simply read my blog but never actually managed one themselves? I will also have to consider those responses where they have used a blog internally but do to company policy they don't blog publicly. Of course, there is no real way for me to validate an internal blog and I really shouldn't ask for evidence of experience. After all, outsourcing would probably fall flat on its face if the criteria were solely based on experience...

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