Friday, April 20, 2007


Open Source Needs Lobbyists

Another example of how folks in the media refuse to step up...

Dana Blankenhorn talks about how Open Source Needs Lobbyists yet doesn't acknowledge how he is part of the problem. If he works for a publication such as Ziff-Davis yet doesn't ask himself why they can't simply provide more coverage, then his comments aren't sincere. Maybe what he is asking for is to get some other body to spend lots of advertising dollars while not acknowledging that open source doesn't really need traditional media to be successful.

Throughout his column he always talks about open source but never seems to segment thoughts on commercial open source such as Alfresco, Intalio, MySQL, etc from non-commercial open source such as Apache. Why not ask the question of media and its ability to simply be charitable in terms of advertising space?

He is also overly cordial to industry analysts in this space who have an equal fidicuary duty to provide unbiased coverage to the clients who pay for their services (end-customers not software vendors) yet he refuses to acknowledge this aspect as a problem that also needs to be worked. I am one who puts my money where my mouth is and would donate sums to a worthy charity if anyone from Ziff Davis has the courage to dedicate an entire issue to non-commercial open source. The ball is in Dana's court to make it happen...

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