Sunday, April 01, 2007


Links for April Fools...

Of course the most foolish idea in the blogosphere of the moment is the notion of a Bloggers Code of Conduct. Even though most bloggers know that I am better than them, it doesn't make sense to document in a holier than thou way...

  • Intelligence Amplification
    Something that is sorely needed for enterprises that need to address the trust / attention / relevance / leadership problem

  • Business Rules and the SDLC
    I wonder why enterprise architects aren't talking about this more? It has more value than Smalltalk or Ruby could ever have

  • Big Brass versus Crystal
    Thoughts on Management Orthodoxy

  • The Latticework of Identity Services
    Good to see that Burton Group believes that Identity needs to be linked with authorization, provisioning and other services. I wish I could get Conor Cahill to email blast it to his Liberty friends until they have it memorized. I wonder if Dick Hardt and his OpenID friends are also paying attention?

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