Monday, April 30, 2007


Links for 2007-04-30

  • The Identity Metasystem in Practice
    I always find folks from Sun intriguing as they do a great job of speaking at large conferences but don't do anything at the grassroots level like visiting all of their customers one-by-one and advocating more personal. Anyway, Robin has some great banners that are charitable...

  • What does OpenID mean to non-profits
    To date the conversation around identity has either been consumerish in nature or all about enterprises and their legacy issues. Good to see that folks are thinking about folks who also need to participate but may not have deep pockets

  • The Next Version of BizTalk
    Whenever you integrate two systems, you not only have to think about the semantics around message passing but also need to reconsile disparate security models. Good to see that folks at Microsoft are showing some leadership. I wonder if folks from ServiceMix, Sonic, Sun, MuleSource and Iona have thought about Identity Services within their ESB?

  • Perimeter Security in Historical Context
    Security folks know that the notion of a perimeter is fast disappearing. Now, this blogger shows that history also proved the same thing.

  • An Initiate of the Bayesian Conspiracy
    Reverend Bayes did more for IT architectures than folks realize

  • Spring Framework 2.1
    It would be intriguing for a developer savvy industry analyst to provide commentary on whether they believe that Struts is no longer relevant as a Java framework and that folks should migrate to Spring?

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