Sunday, April 29, 2007


Links for 2007-04-29

  • Backsourcing: Why, When and How to Do It
    Backsourcing is the process of an enterprise retaking responsibility for previously outsourced IT functions, and bringing these functions back inhouse. Enterprise Architects should always plan for outsourcing failure.

  • Term Sheets
    If you have ever noodled starting your own software company and desire VC funding then start here

  • Cardspace Limitations
    I wonder if Kim Cameron and others have thoughts

  • The Rise of Alfresco: ECM that people will really use
    May I add that I believe folks will not only use it, but it will also in the near future align with IT security standards

  • Survey on Enterprise Development and Outsourcing
    I suspect folks like Akash Bhatia, Anita Ballaney or Mohan Babu K. will exercise their right to remain silent on this one as they are only capable to attack but not thoughtful analysis

  • A sustainable EA direction
    A thoughtful analysis of why government enterprise architecture is a big fat joke

  • The Making of an Enterprise Architect
    Folks always seem to forget the characteristic of strong technical leadership and being Keeper of the Flame

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