Saturday, April 28, 2007


Links for 2007-04-28

  • Speaking the Language of Business with SOA
    I suspect that most folks don't understand the fact that business folks don't really want to understand SOA. They do expect IT folks to understand the best way to build software

  • The Future is in Concurrency
    How come industry analysts aren't noodling the disconnect between hardware folks pumping out multi-core processors and software developers who don't understand either multithreading and/or concurrency?

  • Taking AIIM on Security
    Folks in the ECM world need to read multiple times the words of wisdom from John Newton

  • Claims, Assertions and Roles
    An incredibly thoughtful posting by Gunnar Peterson on User Centric Identity, CardSpace, OpenID and Enterprise Security

  • Senior Architect Job Opening
    Want to work in Hong Kong?

  • 10 Enterprise Software Companies to Watch
    Glad to see Alfresco in the Number One spot

  • Enterprise Architecture Tools
    Should Microsoft, IBM, HP, CA, Sun produce tools in this space? I believe not!

  • The Future of Active Directory
    Out of the Fortune 500, I suspect only Sun doesn't have a production instance so they can ignore. The rest of the world should read

  • Redmonk Unconference: Scripting Languages on the JVM
    I wonder if the topic of why enterprises prefer compiled languages over scripting languages will come up? More importantly, can folks conclude something more logical than we are simply enterprisey?

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