Friday, April 27, 2007


Links for 2007-04-27

  • It's Never About the Process
    While Process is important, many process weenies IT Executives sometimes forget its all about the people...

  • People Still Don't Get It
    Agilists aren't trying to change folks minds but are trying to get folks to think about what they are doing and not just blindly accept what the latest consultant or industry analyst is saying

  • Life's Little Hurdles
    One person still attempting to understand enterprise architecture. Tell's me that us authors are failing

  • Snake Oil Sales and Agile Methods
    Are there lots of folks in the blogosphere attempting to sell methodologies without knowing what they are talking about?

  • ECM Product Evaluation
    On one hand this individual talks about risks but somehow AIIM doesn't think that security or lack of within ECM products is one of them

  • Google Adds Security to Hosted Applications
    Folks should be fearful of adding in security after the fact. I wonder if folks understand that security features may not be security

  • Doing Business in India: 20 Cultural Norms You Need to Know
    Great guidance that folks should read. Of course they left off the abuse of words such as diversity which doesn't align to EEOC

  • Enterprise Architecture Trends 2007
    Freely available report by several industry thought leaders

  • What is the Role of ECM in Enterprise 2.0
    Folks refuse to ask the hard questions

  • How to Mediate Semantics in an EDA
    I bet the vast majority of enterprise architects have no notion of canonical form in their thinking

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