Thursday, April 26, 2007


Links for 2007-04-26

  • Wake up IT Managers, you're mediocre
    Good to see that Gartner is calling out the current state of IT leadership and how we should all avoid stepping in it

  • New and Old Players target AP opportunity
    Good to see analyst firms pursuing the Asian market. I suspect that they will make more money servicing China than India as once outsourcing finally fails, India's economic model is less sustainable

  • Two Views of Agile Enterprise Architecture
    Glad to see others acknowledging how folks in enterprise spend way too much time on current state analysis

  • Securing Site Access with CardSpace and OpenSSO
    I wonder when Industry Analysts such as Gartner will not only start talking about CardSpace within their research but more importantly compare/contrast OpenSSO to offerings from Oracle, IBM and CA

  • Identity and Authority
    Good to see others talk about the greater Internet Fuckwad Theory

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