Sunday, April 15, 2007


Links for 2007-04-15

Today's charity is Transforming Faces which provides treatment for cleft lip and palate around the world. Consider a generous donation to this worthy organization...

  • Why Enterprises Dont' Like Dynamic Languages
    Does this mean that Ruby on Rails will always be a second-class language?

  • Are you a star or role player?
    This feels like a posting that James Tarbell would have written...

  • Blogs and Gender And Age and Location
    A very thoughtful blog entry by JP Rangaswami that you should reflect upon

  • It's all about the governance
    Maybe bloggers should focus on IT governance antipatterns

  • A Small Stalkers perspective on Ruby
    I wonder if James Robertson agrees?

  • The elegance of Ruby
    So why do so many folks prefer Ruby over Smalltalk?

  • SPML 2.0 Presentation
    The notion of interoperable provisioning in a distributed world seems to be lost on folks from Intalio, Alfresco and other BPM/ECM vendors. Hopefully, they will awaken to the importance of incorporating industry standards around security in 2007

  • Delusions of skill and Grandeur
    So, who are the most innovative folks in the blogosphere and do they include Michael Harrington, Guy Kawasaki and others? One must also ask the question if Smalltalk is innovative or simply a dead language?

  • ACORD Creates New Working Group for the Forthcoming XML Standards
    I wonder if there is merit in industry analyst firms such as Redmonk, Elmental Links and even Gartner providing commentary on industry vertical standards and their approach?

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