Tuesday, April 10, 2007


links for 2007-04-10

Today is a sad day in the blogosphere. Tim O'Reilly will be wildly successful in getting others to talk about the need for a bloggers code of conduct but will exercise his right to remain silent on issues such as how Kathy Sierra convicted folks in the court of public opinion.

He will pontificate from his blog the need to be sensitive but won't say one single word about the need to be charitable. If he was sincere in wanting to stop violence, he may have put his money where his mouth is. I wonder what charity that supports the stopping of violence against women he is willing to donate $5,000 to?

  • Firefighter caught in a bikini
    Dude dressed like a lady. I wonder if Aerosmith would be proud?

  • But When Does She do the TPS Reports
    Thoughts on Governor Jodi Rell - Nuff said

  • How to get a job with Homeland Security
    Do you have no experience, no marketable job skills and no interest in working with the general public?

  • A Book on OpenID
    Noodling whether to become a contributor. Would like to inject an enterprise perspective

  • Truths, Lies and Enterprise Content Management
    So why aren't enterprise architects paying more attention to content management. More importantly how come they aren't noodling how ECM should converge with BPM, SOA, CRM, etc based on open industry standards?

  • Distributed Access Control Systems
    DACS is an open source identity management and access control system for web services. This is sorely needed in grid computing

  • The Venn of Identity
    A great explanation of overlap of various identity and authentication protocols

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