Monday, April 09, 2007


links for 2007-04-09

Today, is an even better day than yesterday to be charitable. Consider donating $50 to Stand up for Kids, a charity to help homeless street kids. They also take donations from our blog readers in India...

  • 2k Bloggers Response to the Kathy Sierra Harassment
    Being convicted in the court of public opinion. Something that Kathy Sierra has chosen to exercise her right to remain silent on

  • Violence and Vigilantism on the Web
    The ever thoughtful Elaine Vigneault discusses an opinion that others should read especially when it comes to a code of conduct. This is a post that Tim O'Reilly doesn't have the courage to amplify

  • EMC/Documentum's first steps in BPM
    I wonder if EMC will produce honest standards on how ECM and BPM should integrate beating Alfresco and Intalio to the punch...

  • Comments on Daylight Saving Time from an IT Guy
    You probably knew that DST didn't save a nickel in terms of energy consumption. I suspect if George Bush created a national holiday for bloggers, it would not only increase productivity, save energy but folks may have their noodles expanded so as to not lose the technology race against other nations

  • Liferay Portal
    Liferay is an enterprise quality portal that stomps on those expensive closed-source commercial offerings.

  • When the unthinkable happens
    We need to get tougher on violence against women

  • Perceptions of India and why Americans should support Mexico...
    Outsourcing and a pragmatic discussion of economics

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