Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Links for 2007-04-04

I was happy to learn that both Kathy Sierra and Tim O'Reilly both read my Posting but also chose to exercise their right to remain silent. I guess they felt that the best course of action is to ignore and to instead focus on sterile happy talk as stepping up would have required them to be more than just marketers attempting to make a buck. Shallow blogging shall triumph...

  • Gartner Presentation: Identity and Access Management - Audit and Compliance
    The folks over at Vantelo are making IT Analyst Reports available completely free. No more having to deal with delays in terms of interacting with a seat

  • Is agile's greatest strength also its most significant risk factor?
    The focus on people over process is elusive especially in large enterprises

  • People have no idea why they're doing what they're doing
    Matt over at 37signals talks about human aspects to things done in society. A must read for every enterprise architect and IT security professional

  • Open Source Clustering for Java
    I would be amazed if Gartner and Redmonk started to blog on useful Java technologies as Java is still growing in terms of enterprise usage

  • The Autobiography of Infosys
    It is intriguing to learn that Infosys did contribute to Mozilla and GNU Linux. I guess they are ahead of other Indian outsourcing firms who haven't done any contribution (only stealing). Maybe, they may have some leverage on Wipro, Cognizant, Satayam and others to step up their contributions to open source irrespective of whether their clients ask for it.

  • Social Networking and the Laws of Identity
    An introductory posting on user-centric approaches. Good to see others starting to talk about this space

  • Software Projects as Rock Climbing
    When will agility be more than just a cliche phrase spewed by CIOs?

  • Service Catalogs Display What IT can do for you
    A most excellent post by Michael Cote of Redmonk. Maybe in a future blog entry he could talk about how CMDB intersects with EA tools

  • Outsourcing a Problem for Documentum Pros
    An interesting perspective on technology, documentation and the evils of outsourcing

  • Web innovation: Why Hong Kong lags behind Mainland China and Taiwan
    Interesting perspective on the global economy. I guess some places are better than others...

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