Monday, April 02, 2007


Links for 2007-04-02

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  • Applied IT vs Computer Science/Technology
    Bill Barr discusses a scenario that is way too common...

    A somewhat stealth blog brought to you by BEA. I wonder if they will ever talking about open source and Web 2.0 or will the discussion only be about closed source?

  • Making Open Source more Secure
    The department of Homeland Security is working to make open source more secure. I wonder if Intalio, ServiceMix, Zimbra and Alfresco have a relationship with Coverity?

  • SPML 2.0
    Ever wonder why so few in the identity space ever talk about provisioning?

  • SAP dismisses open source threat
    I would love to sit with the SAP CTO and talk to him about how open source is not a threat but an opportunity for his business. If SAP CEO ever figures this out before him, they are welcome to offer me his job.

  • Enterprise Architecture... We are never gonna make it
    Finally, someone in our profession does some honest self-reflection and observes what the real barriers to EA are

  • Enterprise Architecture: CIO vs CTO
    Pankaj Arora discusses organizational structure and asks for insight into several aspects of culture. My answer is that if you explore the lack of strong technical leadership, the answer will emerge...

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