Monday, April 16, 2007


IT Executives, Software Development and Borg-Like Methodologies

Many IT executives seem to recognize no shades of gray in talent or experience for architects, developers and quality assurance folks within their organization...

Why aren't folks talking about vertical career paths that could parallel management without having to go through management? Something like an architectural path leading to Chief Architect or similar role?

It is possible to be a strategic leader in a company setting without having managerial aspirations or talents? I wonder if there is a correlation, but lately, I have heard of a lot of companies and even read some articles that seem to religiously embrace the idea of eliminating the role and responsibilites of technical architect positions and simply moving it further down the foodchain. I think in most shops, engineers and managers view architect as a position for egomaniacs or that concentrating on architecture is a waste of time if your enterprise has been infected by India and Outsourcing where the sole goal is good enough software.

Maybe this is a lost form of diversity except that the word diversity has been distorted. What if the better solution is to create an environment that encourages workers to appreciate diversity in talent along with diversity along the lines of race, national origin, religion and gender...

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