Thursday, April 05, 2007


Enterprise Architecture and Code Review

Should enterprise architects have standards around code review?

It has been a long time since I have participated in a code review and lately I have felt the need to get back to it. Normally, when one becomes an enterprise architect they concern themselves with issues higher up the food chain. Lately though, with emerging security considerations such as PCI where secure coding practices are being discussed, I it feel like enterprise architects need to pay more attention to the details of technology and not solely focus on either strategy nor aligning with the business.

The funniest behavior is that many folks don't even know what a code review should feel like. In my belief, it is more than getting someone else to look at the code before it goes to production. That practice is not really a code review but more like a "commit" review or code approval.

Sadly, the notion of code review is fast disappearing from corporate America especially in shops that have outsourced to all those junior developers in India. Sure, their methodology and heavyweight processes in order to trick enterprises and their process weenie management that they are following best practices does the ceremony of code approval while the talent in the states is sadly waning as no one hear wants to write code and therefore also loose the skill to review.

Should enterprise architects ask themselves, how come code reviews don't happen in their shops. I suspect some of the reasons are:

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