Sunday, April 22, 2007


eDiscovery, Industry Analysts and IT Security Professionals

Industry analysts and IT security professionals have been notoriously silent on the latest changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) that deman an exhaustive search of all electronically stored information including email, voice and video content for disclosure within 99 days. Most enterprises will struggle to make this happen...

This would be an interesting space for James Governor and Michael Cote of Redmonk to cover as this pretty much demands a different architecture than what enterprises have been doing for the last 30 or so years.

Minimally, I see the need for Enterprise Architects who understand that IT alignment with the business is important that they have an equal fidicuary need to serve their invisible customer known as lawyers who want to rape your enterprise when it comes to data leakage and other IT-oriented threats that the business doesn't yet understand. Some of the components that enterprise architects will need to ponder include:
  • Convergence of Voice/Video with traditional IT technologies

  • Pattern Matching of Data within IT data stores

  • Search technologies so that you can find it all

  • Terabyte scalability

  • Automated compliance to retention policies

  • Meta-Data: An abused but otherwise important concept

  • Language Independence: Doesn't matter if your architecture is based on Java or a second-class language such as SmallTalk

  • The funny thing is that I suspect those industries who have been affected by Eliot Spitzer, NY Attorney General and now Governor have the hindsight to have retrofitted many of their IT systems to make them more subpeona-oriented. Generally speaking though, the learning of folks in NY especially the ones on Wall Street haven't yet been codified into something consumable by other industry verticals...

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