Monday, April 16, 2007


Do IT Executives prefer developers that are Drones?

If we can look past India and Outsourcing as positive proof of the question, do IT executives prefer developers that are drones, we may learn something interesting about our profession...

Have you ever noodled if there is a trend away from architecture and the role of an architect? Have you ever wondered if there isn't a trend away from attempting to achieve perfection, elegance and innovation and move instead towards good enough software? If you only desire good enough then maybe India and Outsourcing is adequate?

The movement towards lower-quality software reflects the lowbrowification of software development resulting from the drammatic increase in the economic stakes of software. Nowadays, you won't hear about commercial software start-ups spending time, money, and human-resources on Research than what used to happen say ten years ago. It does seem that many programming teams are being pushed to run like a factory of seamstresses where management of the factory is the only opportunity for vertical advancement. Less and less companies make a distinction between developers of varying experience unless it is to groom that developer for a move into management.

Rarely does a company offer the serious developer a path for advancement other than management (usually through the Development Manager / Team Leader position). Has anyone ever observed similar trends? What will happen if all the praise moves away from IT towards sales and marketing, will the human aspects have an effect on sabotaging our profession?

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