Saturday, April 14, 2007


A Business Perspective on CardSpace and OpenID

The notion of user-centric approaches to identity is new to most folks and isn't even on the radar of most folks that are employed within large enterprises. Most recently, I have demoed both approaches to technical and non-technical audiences and it seems as if CardSpace resonates with them better.

Folks generally felt that OpenID and the need to paste a URL was intriguing to a technical audience in terms of avoiding site registration but otherwise didn't provide lift in terms of their needs for SSO. Many comments were that it was no different remembering where I stored the URL to their identity so that they can cut/paste than to remember their username/password and cut and paste.

The notion of an Identity Selector where they were prompted for a particular card to send felt much better. This has the potential to work after multiple visits to a site to simply sign-in with a single point-and-click. I know that the folks over at the Burton Group will be publishing research on this topic and hope that they think not only about the technology but usability aspects as well...

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