Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Why Engineering Practices may never be respected in Large Enterprises...

Figured I would follow up with part two to a previous discussion on software engineering...

Are you employed by an enterprise whose management team recognizes no shades of gray in talent or experience for non-managers? The funny thing is that engineering practices if anything require the creation of even more shades of gray, well beyond the comfort zone of making folks pluggable programmer units (aka FTEs).

Is it possible to be a strategic leader in a company setting without having managerial aspirations or talents? I wonder if there is a correlation, but lately, I have heard of a lot of companies and even read some articles that seem to religiously embrace the idea of eliminating the role and responsibilites of technologists and instead just assign a business type in the spirit of alignment. I believe a better approach would be to create an environment that encourages workers to appreciate diversity in talent instead of twisting the meaning of diversity to fit any situation.

Are modern enterprises transforming themselves back to the past almost like the feudal system where everyone below management is regarded equally? Do seasoned IT professionals in your shop have the same authority when compared to a brand new programmer?

What kind of leadership does your enterprise practice?

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